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Vietnam Sapa



This is a small town of SAPA located north of Hanoi, Vietnam bordering with China, where many of different tribes are living. Today is the Saturday market day. Various festivities among the tribes are to be held. Particularly, They say in SAPA, 56 different tribes inhabit.


                                                    Traditional folk games held between the tribes


                        This is a game where they need to push out opponent beyond the round line to win.


A lot of tribes support their team. people wearing red do-rag is Dao Ethnic Minority and the other is the Hmong Ethnic Minority. Anyway it looks very interesting.

                                                          These are Giay Ethnic Minority.

The products they are sellin on market day are all hand-made.

                                                   This old woman is one of the Dao Ethnic Minority.


                                                 These tribes are black Hmong Ethnic Minority.

  They are selling peaches. Many kinds of drums and fariming tools are displayed.

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