Writer : Vance Hall 밴스 홀 Date : 2010-07-17 Hit : 469
ANGLICO Cpl Dave Doran's photos of Vietnamese people

Hoi An:  Boys fighting in an alley


Hoi An:  Popcicles for sale - "Brrrri-me 5 cents"


Hoi An:  Dave Doran playing fusball with Larry Gray


Hoi An:  Little girl, baby, and rice bowl



I promise to upload more of Dave Doran's photos.

Jae-sung Chung  2010/07/17 18:36:40 [Reply] modify delete
Pittyful, but these are genuine evidences of the cold war era. Thanks, Vance for uploading.
Jay Park  2010/07/24 01:20:32 [Reply] modify delete
maybe those kids are grown and living as an adult of Vietnamese still. Are they remember?
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