Writer : Gary Woodward Date : 2011-04-03 Hit : 453
ROK Patches for 129th and others


Jae-sung Chung,


Below is a posted request to our 129th.net site for one of the Tiger patches and my reply to him and anyone else that would be proud to have one from our Korean brothers even if they can not make it to Kokomo or St Louis for the reunion this year.


We all thank you for the kind gift package you are sending to us.


I was wondering is it possible for you to send me a Tiger Division Patch. contact me at dp1st50atsurewest.net please Thanks Dennis 72-73
- Saturday, April 02, 2011 at 10:19:51 (MDT)



Dennis or anyone else that will not be at Kokomo or St Louis ******I have a package from Jae sung-Chung due to come in next week with some ROK patches etc. ****send me an email at garywdsi at yahoo.com with your address and I will get one to you. ******Snoopy 71-71**

Memphis,Tn USA- Sunday, April 03,2011 at 08:02.43 (CDT)

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