Writer : Gary Woodward Date : 2011-03-30 Hit : 516
Another Brother in Arms


Jae and Friends,


I have recently been in contact with another pilot from the 129th  (Mr Jim Crigler) (Bulldog 12) that tells me he has many photos to share with all of us and many including ROK soldiers.


Once I get the copies from him or he visits this site they will be posted for you.


I am sending him a CD copy like the one I sent Jae with the photos I have collected so far.


Please welcome him when he visits.


Warm Regards,


Gary Woodward


Jae(정재성)  2011/04/02 05:57:36 [Reply] modify delete
Thanks Gary. I am sure ROK veterans will love to see the photos that Mr. Jim Crigler may post later on. Let me wait for the photos soon.
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