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Korean American Wedding

Everyone was so kind in their welcome taht I thought I would post a picture from the wedding our son and daughter in law. Her mother brought traditional gowns for herself and the two girls. they were all very beautiful. Our son was a translator in the Eighth Army, so he, our daughter in law and granddaughter could all translate for the parents. Although we could not speak directly to each other, the parents all felt an immediate closeness. We all took a vacation to the beach together and teh kids later to them to historic sights in Washington.

Jae-sung Chung  2010/07/27 12:43:34 [Reply] modify delete
What a beautiful wedding photo this is! Thanks Mr.Simmons for posting this wonderful family photo. Although the Korean parents might have not been able to freely communicate with you and your wife, I am sure you two family people must have fully exchanged what you had in mind in the way of heart to heart manner. I wish all you the best luck.
mk koo  2010/07/29 10:07:10 [Reply] modify delete
Looks good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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