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Dear Brothers

Hi Brothers ....


I hope you will visit the "Veterans Abroad" photo album and see a few pics I have posted.


If you were in PhuCat assigned to the ROK Marine post along the river, about a mile south of the USAF base, in mid-1967 ... the pictures are of you.


Thank you for your service to your homeland today, and in the past.


I respect you ... I think of you often ... and I have all these pictures framed, on a wall in our home.



Mick Capman

Muskegon, Michigan USA

903rd AeroMedical Evacuation Flt., RVN 67-68




Jae-sung Chung  2010/12/14 11:16:53 [Reply] modify delete
Hello, Mick,
I appreciate much your warm sentiments towards Korea. I will tell our veterans that you are still hanging the framed pictures taken with Korean soldiers on a wall in your home. I guess the Korean soldiers you associated with at that time must be the guys belonged to the 12th company of the ROK Tiger Division stationed in Quinon.
The 12th company, I heard, was carrying a mission to guard outskirt security of the USAF base. The troops you met were not the ROK marine corps, but army Division.
The patches you have posted here look nice. If you want to have the same patch Korean sodiers worn at that time, I will send you a piece. If you like to, please let me know of your mailing address thru my email. Thanks.
Mick  2010/12/14 11:19:57 [Reply] modify delete
Thanks Jae ... I STAND CORRECTED ... Oops, sorry about the error. Should have said Army, I was stupid thinking that the Tiger Division was ROK Marines. GO ARMY!!!! :-)
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