Writer : Gary Woodward Date : 2010-11-22 Hit : 1990
Gifts from my Friends

Jae & Friends,


I finally picked up my sister Paula at the airport the other day for our Thanksgiving holiday visit and had a chance to take some pictures proudly displaying the gifts from Korea.

The only item not in the pictures below is the book "Tears of An Khe" which I am still working on getting someone to translate to english for me..


Thank you all for the kind gifts.



Gary Woodward (Snoopy 1971-1972) 129th AHC





Jae-sung Chung  2010/11/23 09:31:20 [Reply] modify delete
Hey, Gary,

What the beautiful pictures these are! Thanks so much for your posting. You two sister and brother look very energetic. I am sure, you must have enjoyed having joyful family reunion on Thanksgiving Day especially joined by your lovely sister Paula.
By the way, Gary, I should have sent you more larger size of hat. Shouldn't I?
As most of westerners behave relatively bright and kind compare to those living in other continents, your sister, Paula, was exceptionally bright and showed all of us a great hospitality. We really do hope to see her again next year here in Korea.
Please do not forget to convey my warmest regards to your mother who, I heard, is still in good health for her age. She must be extremely happy as she has such filial daughter and son.

Thanking again for your usual kindness, I wish you, your wife and all of your family members best health and prosperity.

With kind regards,

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