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Welcome Home party for a young Marine

Last week, friends threw a "Welcome Home" party for their son, Josh Gentry, who has just returned from Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. We had sent Josh several boxes of goodies and USMC cigars, and met him for the first time.

Here are Josh, Murrel Cowherd (Iwo Jima), and me.

Gary Woodward  2010/10/20 00:01:11 [Reply] modify delete
One simple act of kindness and respect can change the whole future for a vet.
Great job
Jae-sung Chung  2010/10/21 08:50:50 [Reply] modify delete
Congratulations! Wecome home, young US marine soldier! I watched CNN yseterday that broadcasted a scene many of US troops were participating in searching hidden explosive device in the street side. I personally think it is too much for the United States to have her men and women in uniform sacrifice for such ungrateful and insensible people. They should have halted useless support long time ago whatever the political situations were and are. Thanks Vance for posting.
Hyun-pan, Lee  2010/10/22 06:07:56 [Reply] modify delete
I fully agree on the fact that the United States is a good and wonderful country.
Without considering the usual pretext, the status quo that let alone the warm treatment given by the government to those young men and women in uniform who were called to the colors, the smiling image of the young marine soldier who is enthusiastically welcomed by the entire US fellow citizens and especially by his parents and relatives does approach me as a totally different story of a country located at a great distance off.

I, an old veteran of a tiny country in the east, would like to sincerely congratulate Mr. Josh, the young US marine soldier on his safe return.
Jay Park  2010/10/22 23:36:17 [Reply] modify delete
This is truly a history! Thanks for the pic, Vance!!!
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