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Jim Chally and his wife visit

My wife and I enjoyed a visit by my old ANGLICO teammate Jim Chally and his wife.  They travelled to Oklahoma from Idaho and spent two nights with us and many hours talking about our families and the time that Jim and I spent together in 1968 with the 10th Company, 3d Battalion, 2d ROK Marine Brigade.


Here we are, taking a break on an operation in 1968:


Vance Hall


Jim Chally



Here we are on October 1, 2010, Vance on the left and Jim on the right:


And finally, here are our patient and loyal wives, who have tolerated us for about 40 years, my wife on the left, Jim's on the right:



One of the enjoyable events was made possible by Mr. Kim, Se-chang.  Mr. Kim found the address and telephone numbers for an old friend of Jim's and mine, Mr. Park, Young-geun, who now lives in New York City.  Jim and I surprised Mr. Park with a phone call, and the first words he said were "oh my God!"  This brought big smiles to all.  Thank you very much, Mr. Kim.   

Jae-sung Chung  2010/10/06 07:58:32 [Reply] modify delete
First off, I would like to give you my big hand clappins on having wonderful reunion of you guys including wives. What a wonderful reunion it is!
I really do hope you two warriors will keep meeting each other as many times as you could in the future. I will definitely introduce this story to our Korean veterans with translation. I am further pleased to note that you have finally located Mr.Park, Young-keun in New York. I introduced the story that you wanted to locate Mr, Park in a ROKMC's website along with translation. Anyway Mr. Kim, Sechang had finally found information that he is now living in New York. Thanks Vance for sharing of the reunion story.
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/10/19 06:39:52 [Reply] modify delete
Thanks Jae. Our wives decided that they would accompany us to the next 1st ANGLICO reunion, to be held June 2011 at Fredricksburg, Texas. The Admiral Nimitz museum is located there. This area is known as the "Texas Hill Country" and it is beautiful with rolling hills and clear, cold streams.

I think the ladies are curious to see what the old Marines do at our reunions. Or perhaps, they want to keep us out of trouble!
Jay Park  2010/10/22 23:39:53 [Reply] modify delete
Wow, such a great reunion! I think you old Marines must be very happy! Couldn't be sleep due to endless talking in regard of Vietnam time!
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