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Sisters Visit to Korea


To Jae and all others:


Just wanted to let you know that I talked to my sister Paula today and she arrived back in the US with no problems other than Jet lag.

I will talk to her more after she gets some more rest but I know she is already looking forward to making another trip next year and has expressed to me that she had a wonderful time.

(She did make a strange comment ***she asked me to tell her "husband"  hello when I sent this.

She said you would understand.


Thanks again to all of you for the warm reception during her visit

Jae-sung Chung  2010/09/16 15:14:28 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Gary,
I am glad to hear your sister has safely returned home. I am still obligated for not having chance to visit museum. Well, as long as she plans to come again next year, we may look forward to having an opportunity at that time. Aren't you going down to Kokomo for reunion? If you go, please upload pictures. Thanks Gary for letting me know.
Gary Woodward  2010/09/17 20:38:01 [Reply] modify delete

I will not be going to the Kokomo event this year.
(Have more doctor appointments for me and the wife)
I will get some of the pictures or perhaps Fred Alvis will if he gets there.
(He was trying to get a route to have him home or in the area if possible based on his last post to our site)
I do plan to get to the yearly reunion in St Louis next year though.

Jae-sung Chung  2010/09/17 20:38:01 수정 삭제
Thanks for your response. I do hope you and your wife be healthy. Through your sister, Paula we sent you a black cap with our logo as a small token. Have you got it?
All the best
Gary Woodward  2010/09/19 06:18:07 [Reply] modify delete
She did tell me she had it and will send it to me soon ***
Thank You

Paula Savage  2010/09/24 02:09:33 [Reply] modify delete
I am so sorry it has taken me so long. Thank you Jae-sung Chung for such a warm welcome and for you and your friends taking time out of your busy schedules to show us around. What a wonderful day we had. I did have to purchase some SoKu and bring it home with me : ) I will never forget that wonderful traditional Korean meal you treated us to. I so enjoyed your country that I plan to return again next year. Possibly around the end of May and would so love it if we could all get together once again. I have gary's gifts but planned to go visit him in November so I may wait and take them to him at that time. Thank you so much for making my first visit to Korea such an educational and interesting one. Also please extend my thanks to your friends who also made the day so enjoyable.
Sincerely, Paula Savage
Jae-sung Chung  2010/09/24 02:09:33 수정 삭제
Hello, Ms. Paula,
First off, I thank so much for your kind notes posted here. Though I heard from your brother Gary that you had safely arrived home, your direct post gives me much more pleasure. As a matter of fact, I still feel sorry for being unable to take you to the museum in which, I knew, you had much interests to visit.
As long as you are planning to revisit Korea in May next year, we can look forward to having another chance to look around. Let us count the days.
Ms. Paula, it was my great pleasure too that I could have an opportunity of meeting you and your wonderful family members. I will surely convey your kind regards to our buddies.
If possible, Ms. Paula, I do hope you will, time to time, drop by our website and let us hear various news happening in the States.

Wishing you be healthy and prosperous,

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