Writer : mk koo Date : 2010-07-18 Hit : 489
USMC ANGLICO man Pete Plummer belonged to 27th co, 5th bat. KMC

mk koo  2010/07/18 22:06:30 [Reply] modify delete
Early this year, I could communicate with him by e-mail. Now he is living in Maine State and I guess he just retired from his job. It was really difficult to find him. He wounded his right hand by enemy's attack. I will show you some more his photos with KMC comrades.
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/07/19 04:42:20 [Reply] modify delete
I am very pleased that you were able to locate Pete, after considerable efforts. Maybe he will attend an ANGLICO reunion someday, and we'll meet in person.
Jae-sung Chung  2010/07/19 07:04:05 [Reply] modify delete
This is an excellent snap shot of the marines. Vance, for this reason, I am badly waiting for some photos you took at Quantico reunion held in June. ROKMC warriors like Mr. Koo and Kim, Sechang will be extremely delighted if they discover such wonderful evidences you USMCs were gathering in warmth. As the webmaster, I am highly flattered by you gentlemen's amicable communication in this space. Thank you all sir!!
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