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Platoon leader of Blue dragon.(Feb.02. 1968/ when we against Tet attack..

Jae-sung Chung  2010/07/18 20:00:22 [Reply] modify delete
This is one of the great photos you have introduced so far. I am sure you must have wished you could returned to those days in about your twenties. Thank you Mr. Koo for uploading your photo.
mk koo  2010/07/18 21:32:21 [Reply] modify delete
I agree with you and thank you Mr. Chung.
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/07/19 04:14:13 [Reply] modify delete
Mr. Koo appears prepared for any situation. His bayonet is fixed, and his USMC KABAR knife is close at hand. His radio is nearby, to call in artillery or air support.

I agree that this is a great photo for documenting the dogmc warrior in Vietnam. It's good to see you here, Mr. Koo.
mk koo  2010/07/19 10:55:59 [Reply] modify delete
Oh my old comrade and friend Mr. Vance HALL! Fighting was so awful but sometimes we are missing it. why? I believe that we've contributed for our country's needs each.
Jay Park  2010/07/24 01:21:39 [Reply] modify delete
Such a great pic!!! Thanks for posting, MK Koo!!!
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/07/30 02:56:49 [Reply] modify delete
Mr. Koo, yes I miss some things.

I miss the kind of friends we had then. Even those with whom you might argue would die for you, and you for them. How many friends like that do we have today? I miss the humor and laughter that we shared, even in the face of terrible circumstances.

I do not miss the sights and sounds of our wounded and dying comrades, and I wish that I could put those memories away. Except that would not be fair to our brave friends who are no longer in this world, whom we should never forget. If only we could remember just the good days.
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