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ROKMC's nickname

Some time ago, I began to notice the word "dogmc" in many Korean Marine Corps photos. Finally, my curiosity set me to action and I inquired at Mr. Jae-sung Chung's website about the meaning of this.

Jae translated my request and posted it on the Korean-language side. And guess who responded promptly?  None other than Mr. Kim, Se-chang. Here's his response:

Hello Mr. Vance Hall
ROK MC is very proud of his nick name "dogmc".
Korean has two meaning of the same sound(phonetic) of dog "개(Kae)".
One meaning is the same one of Devil-dog such as USMC.
The other one means the great victory in Chinese character.
The 1st President Lee of Korea had given 凱兵隊(kaebyeongdae) by ROKMC.
凱兵隊(kaebyeongdae) means a victorious unit.
He really really loved ROKMC who had always won during the battle field
of Korean War(1950~1953). That's all.

I really do appreciate this great explanation by Kim, Se-chang.

Jae-sung Chung  2010/07/18 10:01:54 [Reply] modify delete
1,000 percent correct!! I am sure Mr. Kim, Se-chang is a person called as"Mister know it all" Thanks, Vance for posting useful information.
Jae-mok Koh  2010/07/19 15:10:16 [Reply] modify delete
It(The name) shows the most bravery, tenancity, sacrifice and devotion like a devil dog.
Jay Park  2010/07/23 18:39:04 [Reply] modify delete
Once they bite, never released until they die. So we call them "dogmc" cos they're looked like a devil-dog. Proud of them.
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