Writer : Han, K D Date : 2012-05-31 Hit : 376
How great the Internet world is !!

How great the Internet world is!! Thanks and welcome Dr. Mowrey and Dr. Kim.

It’s beyond description how pleasant it is watching the meeting of my then Deputy C-3

and then Plans Section Chief.  And even more pleasant to see both of them were able

to achieve a Doctor's degree after retirement from the military.


I hope more CFA C-3 members, ROK and US, officers and NCOs can meet each other here on this site.

If you are in contact with any of our old teammates please send them the URL for the website: http://www.rokfv.com


It would be great if we could hear more views on what is necessary to ensure a strong partnership between the USA and ROK. Everyone I know feels a combined headquarters is necessary, but if anyone does not agree we would like to hear their rationale.  We go together!

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