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This is a great honor

Hello Mr. Jim Mowery, it is truly an honorable opportunity for me to introduce myself to you that I am Jae-sung Chung who is a Vietnam War veteran and presently working as the webmaster of this web-site, www.rokfv.com


A good while ago, I was told by General Han that you and your wife would visit Korea in 20 years. He was gladly telling me that you would spend a night at his home, which gives me a strong impression that you two gentlemen must have kept an amicable friendship for long time since served together at the headquarters of Combined Field Army(CFA). General Han has proudly and highly speaking of you who has unparalleled affection for Korea.


I personally feel confident to confirm that General Han is not only a genuine patriot but also an invaluable asset to the Republic of Korea especially in building strong Korea against the Stalinist regime in the north. I understand that you two heroes have, with deep remorse, expressed a great concern over the deactivated CFA and the fact that the CFC is also scheduled to be disbanded as of April 17, 2015.


Considering Korea's geopolitical situation and the exceptionally long alliance relationship continued between the two nations ROK and the United States for almost a century, I would like to undoubtedly take it for granted that the United States will always stand behind us to keep perfect Pacific security architecture in many years to come.


Your wise theory that compares the alliance relationship between the two countries to a status of a marriage appears to be very interesting and agreeable to the many. It is a must for the two allies, ROK and the US to maintain existing CFC status at least until Korea is peacefully unified. This will be the only solution to deter Communist regime's provocations and to keep ultimate security stabilization on Korean peninsula.


In terms of this significance, I would like to urge that such professional scholars and experts as yourself to bring  best efforts by demonstrating outstanding expertise on Korea's vital posture so as to prevent the freedom-loving country from another misfortune in the future. I would look forward to seeing you here as often as you could. Thanks.


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Thank you for your warm welcome. My father commanded the 3rd Bde, 101st Airborne Div in Viet Nam from Dec 1967 to Dec 1968. I was with the Pathfinders in the 101st Airborne Div and B Company, 1-7 Cav, 1st Cavalry Div from 1971-1972. I wish I had been able to come earlier so that I could have worked with the ROK in Viet Nam. You and your countrymen had a great reputation in Viet Nam and were one of the few nations to stand with us as we worked to make the American Strategy of Containment work.

MG Han is one of my heroes. I have told many people this and I will say it again here in writing: MG Han was the best leader I ever knew. His PAW concept rang true with my own thoughts and served the C3 Section of CFA well when MG Han was their leader.

I was so glad to be able to visit Korea again this year and look forward to returning. Until then I hope we can work together to help all those who never had a chance to fight for freedom, to understand that the price of freedom is not free. To ensure that freedom never leaves us requires resolve, vision, and moral courage. Something I have found in abundance in the ROK Soldiers I have known.
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