Writer : Vance Hall 밴스 홀 Date : 2010-08-15 Hit : 447

Gwangbokjeol - Liberation Day - VJ Day (Victory Japan Day)


Enjoy the holiday, my friends.

Jae-sung Chung  2010/08/15 09:07:23 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Vance, I have just read your email in which you said you had suffered from pneumonia.
It is however fortunate to note that you are now in good shape. You, invincible US marine should have hacked that away in the beginning. Shouldn't you? hhhhh.
Anyway takes care my friend.

Yes, Today is the Liberation Day. I have just hoisted a sizable flag at my house. I do wish every single fellow Korean compatriot could raise the ever proud national flag today.
As a US citizen, you, Vance have never failed to send us a congratulatory message on Korean national holidays. On behalf of entire ROKs I would like to extend my warm thanks for your tireless efforts.
Jae-sung Chung  2010/08/15 09:26:58 [Reply] modify delete
Your thoughtful message given on this special day will certainly make all those whoever find this feel happy and thankful. Therefore, I have posted this on our Korea version bulletin board as well. Thanks.
Jae-mok Koh  2010/08/16 07:47:15 [Reply] modify delete
I don't know how to thank you enough for your endless regards and concerning. You might know the tragic history. This day doesn't only means the liberation of Korea from Japan, but restoring Korean language(being deprived), our names(prohibited the use of Korean name, and forcibly urged to rename it into Japanese) and self-respect from the 36 years Japanese tyranny. Korean had taken back ourselves on the very day. It is too difficult to describe What a Happy Day this have been in a few words for Koreans.
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