Writer : Vance Hall 밴스 홀 Date : 2010-07-17 Hit : 586
A Tiger has a new beginning in the Year of the Tiger!

Isn't it fitting that this new internet cafe is initiated by a "Tiger" in the "Year of the Tiger?"

차경선  2010/07/17 08:10:09 [Reply] modify delete
한국인인 나 자신도 올해가 호랑이의 해인걸 잊고 사는데...............존경스럽습니다. 밴스홀 전우님~~!!
그리고 축하드립니다. 아드님의 결혼과 예쁜 며느님 들어오신거.............
더욱 건강하시고 행복하시길 기도합니다. 필승~~!!
Cha, Kyung-seon  2010/07/17 10:51:42 [Reply] modify delete
As a Korean national, I can even hardly remember what is the zodiacal sign for this year, you have correctly remember it is tiger's year. I respct your thoughtful concern towards Korea. I salut you. In addition, please accept my congratulations over your son's marriage. I wish you a health and happiness.
sckim928  2010/07/17 11:53:01 [Reply] modify delete
Thank you Mr.Vance Hall s~~~o much for your celebration of web-site "ROK Veterans of Vietnam" I am sure this web-site will be closely and strongly a excellent bridge among all veterans of allied Forces in Vietnam-war especially between USMC and ROK Veterans.
I really love every US Marine Corps of ANGLICO of your website"LIGHTNING FROM THE SKY THUNDERING FROM THE SEA", just as Jae-sung Jung and MK Koo do love passionately.
Jae-mok Koh  2010/07/17 12:16:02 [Reply] modify delete
It really is! What a wonderful day it is! This site shall make a rush like a tiger! Thanks!
Ken Strong  2010/10/15 06:04:55 [Reply] modify delete
I am just checking out the site as I was with the 129th AHC in 72-73 plus at Camp Casey in 74-76. I really respected you guys as I flew the Tiger Div mostly, sometimes the White Horse guys. Korea will always be in my heart as my brother Vets.
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