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Jae and Comrads,


Having the best time of the year just passed. I wait 360 days until I can see my brothers in arms. Kokomo was a most enjoyable experience that I have every year. Although we have some sad information on some of the Brothers, we can support them in their times of need. This 129th fellowship of Brothers always includes the ROK troops. With out your comradeship we would miss some of the best experiences in our lives. I and everyone that has a story of the outstanding ROK’s has never have had a bad thing to say. It is my wish that as we slowly fade from history books that the brave tales of what we have done will not have been in vain. While my memory is still somewhat intact I will always be humbly be grateful for the Tiger & White Horse divisions that we in some small way helped to support you. You will always be my Heroes. Thank you Jay, as well as all the people that put this wonderful sight together. It will insure that history will be preserved by the people that were there. It makes me proud to see so many Tiger & White Horse division patches on our guys. Someone that was to have some extra ones could not be there this time. I will hunt him down until I have one. My humblest respect, William J French Master Sergeant USAF Retired (but my love will be for the 129th )

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Oh, you have posted here again. Thanks.
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