Writer : Jae-sung Chung Date : 2010-08-08 Hit : 2030
Please guess how many miles I have flown

I have kept a particular habit of collecting boarding passes, tickets and related tags of the flight I have flown with. This exceptional behavior has continued for last 34 years since I stared working at an overseas office for a government enterprise in 1976.

From the later part of 1978, as I was scouted by a Swiss based US company, I was required to travel around world more frequently than before. Such business trips continued up to 1983.

As a matter of fact, in that period of time, most of the Korean nationals were unable to travel overseas countries at their option due to government's strict control for some reasons. Besides, Koreans were required to obtain entry visas by most of the countries except for like UK. France. and Italy.


Therefore, everything I encountered at that time at the other side of the world did give me a sort of strong impressions as curious, amazing, wonderful, marvelous and novel.

This kind of mental state, I am sure, must have driven the inexperienced guy like me to start collecting flying records as an important evidence in my life.


Yesterday on  August 7, 2010, it showered off and on whole day long in Seoul. So I happened to browse old stuff kept here and there at home and came cross a box in which I stored the flight boarding passes, ticket copies and others related. Each boarding pass in different shape and color reminded me of the past tracks made in those days I had to busily back and forth.


Looking at the flying dates and destinations shown on each card, I really wanted to figure out the wholly accumulated distance I have so far travelled and the monies I have invested to purchase the countless airplane tickets.

Here, I am pleased to introduce these little tokens that I have long kept to our fellow comrades. Hope you all enjoy them.


Jae-sung Chung


                                                                Boarding Passes

                                                                 Borading Passes

                                                               baggage tags

                                                             Tickets Purchased

                                                  Passports I have  held

          I had a chance to fly Concord with my wife in July 1979 taking off CDG international airport in

         Paris to JFK international airport in New York. It took us only 3 and half hours while usual 

         commercial  flight takes more than 9 hours.

   The above are the Concord flight borading passes and the clothes hanger ticket in the cabin

These countless hand writings and stamps represent my registration whenever I entered and

departed  home country. At that time government barely allowed Koreans to hold multipul

passort.  Therefore, the single entry passport holder must have obtained temporary permit at the

overseas consular office to reenter and prevent from being voided. 

In order to obtain many visas, the passport was always needed to affix extra pages.Therefore, we used

call it " Accordian Passort"

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