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Wife's 59th Birthday Party

Traditionally,  most of the Koreans have had tendency to count and keep their birthday by the lunar calendar. Thus my wife's birthday was supposed to be celebrated by the family members on August 12 in this year as her birthday of July 3rd counted by  the lunar calendar falls on August 12 by solar calendar.

Mostly Korean senior folks are treated by their kids on their birthday. It has been unexceptional in my family too.


I have three married daughters and an unmarried son. My wife and I were informed a week ago by our daughters that they wanted to hold a birthday party for mom on August 7th a week before the actual birthday as they would be tight on or around next weekend.


Therefore, we were invited to a five-star hotel, Palace, in Seoul to enjoy wife's 59th birthday party sponsored by daughters , son and  son-in-laws.

Frankly speaking, regardless of whatever our kids have prepared and treated mom and daddy at a fancy place, the old couple needs an exclusive atmosphere again on the actual birthday to exchange birthday celebrations even sitting at a honky-tonk because it will surely serve to give earnest meaning to the old.


Having had a kind of countrified diet habit, I have barely enjoyed eating hotel buffet cuisine. However, last night at the hotel buffet restaurant, I emptied 3 dishful of food as they were particularly delicious to me, which ,I am afraid, may fizzle out my weight loss challenge.

Though she survives relying on dialysis treatment every other day, last night at the restaurant, she seemed to have been highly jazzed up while listening to the birthday song presented by lovely grandchildren. It was a happy evening for me too.

 From the right: 1st son-in-law, 3rd daughter, 1st daughter, granddaugther from the 1st daughter,

 wife, me and 3rd son-in-law with his son on his back. As my only son had left earlier for another

 appointment and my 2nd daughter's family is presently living in Tokyo, Japan, they are absent from

 this photo.

                                       Wife is singing together with lovely grandchildren


Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/08/08 07:18:18 [Reply] modify delete
Thank you for sharing these wonderful birthday photographs of your lovely family. Jae, your lovely bride can't possibly be a day older than 40. I am happy that most of your family was nearby, and able to attend this special occasion.

Didn't I read that the 60th birthday is a very special occasion in Korea? Next year should be memorable as well.

I wish you all much happiness, good health, and prosperity.
Jae-sung Chung  2010/08/08 07:38:02 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Vance, you have already checked here. Thanks.
Yes, in Korea, the 60th birthday is the biggest celebration for the aged folks. In my case, I really wished I could put it off at least 10 years later.hhhh.
But nobody can refuse it. Around this time next year my wife will of course have a bigger celebration than the usual ones. Thanks. vance.
Jae-mok Koh  2010/08/08 11:04:49 [Reply] modify delete
Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of your wife!!!
I'm always praying for her healthy condition. It is very happy to see your lovely famly's reunion. I believe you have very special meaning and emotion yesterday. God bless you and your wife!
Gary Woodward  2010/08/08 20:02:12 [Reply] modify delete

It is a great thing to see a family that shares such as yours.
The happiness is evident in the pictures of the event.
May you share many more such celebrations together.

Jae-sung Chung  2010/08/08 22:12:37 [Reply] modify delete
Thanks million, guys for the kind words you have left. I would like to emphasize again that maintaining sound health is the highest priority of all of us. My dear fellow comrades, be healthy!! Thanks again.
joe nawrozki  2010/08/13 18:16:48 [Reply] modify delete
Dear Jae,

A great tribute to the birthday celebrant! What a treat it must have been for all to share such a happy event. Also, it appears that you have shed some weight? You are lookin' good, especially surrounded by your family.

Jae-sung Chung  2010/08/13 18:41:11 [Reply] modify delete
Thanks Joe for the kind words. I do hope this kind of event be continued forever especially for my wife who has been suffering from a chronic disease for last 18 years. As you have indicated, yes, I have lessened some of my weight by pedaling almost every morning.
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