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Hangul language check

오! 필승 봉순영 = O! Pil-seung Bong Soon-yeong

One translation is: Oh! Feel Young, Feel so young.

But I thought that 필승 (Pil-seung) meant "victory."

Are both meanings correct, "feel young" and "victory?"
Jae-mok Koh(고재목)  2011/04/02 06:27:33 [Reply] modify delete
Oh, Vance! In my opinion, this Hangeul check program looks little bit absurd. "Pil-seung" is composed of two Chinese character. The former "Pil" means "certain", "sure" or "positive" and the latter "seung" is standing for 'victory", so we combine them as "an unfailing victory", in the mean time "feel young" has no meaning in Korean, 필승 is derived from 必勝 in Chinese character. So, your first line would be correct, if 봉순영 was a Korean name.
I hope you could understand what I explained to you. Korean language seems really difficult to cover.
I am giving my respect to your effort for covering Koean language.
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2011/04/06 03:39:22 [Reply] modify delete
Thank you very much! The first meaning that I learned here is correct after all. I found the incorrect meaning on a website that described a Korean movie.

If I work very hard, perhaps I can learn Korean by the time I am 85. That gives me another 20 years. ;=)
Jae-mok Koh(고재목)  2011/04/06 03:39:22 수정 삭제
I inevitably agree with your forecasting 20 years at best, but the important thing is that we stil have a chance to do it, isn't it? hh
Vance Hall  2011/04/12 03:19:22 [Reply] modify delete
고재목 :
As always, the positive outlook is good. Yes, I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn Korean.

I do feel guilty that I have not learned more. Mr. Kim, Se-chang sent me some books, and I purchased more. After working all day my energy level wanes. Perhaps I need to follow your example and walk or run more often instead of sipping a glass of soju in the evening! ㅎㅎㅎ
고재목  2011/04/12 03:19:22 수정 삭제
Oh, Vance, pls don't sacrifice your soju time whatever you learn. Sipping soju might be more important for your health than learning Korean.ㅎㅎ
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