Writer : Vance Hall 밴스 홀 Date : 2010-07-30 Hit : 341
3rd Battalion, 2nd ROK Marine Brigade

I want to clear up one misunderstanding.  This is NOT a photo of me:


The easy way to tell the difference is that Muggs did not like to parachute from the top of the hooch using a flare parachute.  I would have enjoyed that.  ;=) 

Jae-sung Chung  2010/07/31 01:40:26 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Vance,
Was the guy putting out ANGLICO shingle a US GI at that time? This is very interesting one. Though it was under war situation, this picture does make us easily guess how you guys' environment conditions were like. The Korean wordings shown in the shingle give correct meaning, however, it seems to have been drawn by a US marine soldier not as he wrote. .hhhh.
Well, time to time, we find more impressive meanings from clumsy or incomplete states Thanks Vance for posting.
By the way, I have finally gathered your photos. I appreciate your hard works. They will be shortly posted.
Jae-mok Koh  2010/08/02 08:24:53 [Reply] modify delete
I'm concentrating his(her?) tangled look. It seems to show its affection of that board(?)...Can it be possible the flare parachute would support him in the air? I have no idea at all.hh
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/08/02 23:18:51 [Reply] modify delete
Mr. Koh, this is definitely a male monkey. Female dogs were not safe in his presence. I guess you might say he was a pervert. But still he was our pet and we forgave him.

Mr. Chung, I am sure that an ANGLICO Marine painted the sign, and that he had no schooling in Hangul, but just tried his best to communicate, as we all did. Sometimes the results are humorous.
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