Writer : Jim Mowery Date : 2015-05-18 Hit : 343
Freedoms Ring

My last post was in 2012 and it is now 2015. The challenge of Freedom for the ROK is still alive and well. The development of nuclear weapons by nK is the work of weakness. The USA, Russia, and China should never have allowed nK to get any nuclear weapons. The fact that the nK did get them screams cowardice on the part of all who allowed it. We as Americana, Russians, and Chinese should be ashamed that such was allowed to occur. Two things can now happen. Seoul can be erased and an EMP weapon deployed against the USA or Russia can send either country into the stone age. It is time for brave people to come forth and demand that nK end its nuclear program or be erased from the Earth. Nothing good happens at 2 in the morning and nothing good happens with nK in possession of nuclear weapons and the ability to employ them. Wake up freedom lovers. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not just happen. Brave people must fight and die to ensure its existence.Stand up and be counted or be counted by the enemy as he stands over your body.
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