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Lucky guys of ROK MC in battle field at Chulai Vietnam 1967

    We, Korean, have an old saying that tomb-places of their families's 
    ancestor shall  decide descendants' fates of fortune or ill-luck.
    In the cases of the ones, they will be received and presented 
    by the Luck Places such as a nice place where the tombs were 
    surrounded by nice fine pine-trees under the condition of 
    well sunshine. 
    There were 3 officers of Blue-dragon Brigade, ROK MC, who were 
    in lucks way.
    Every officer had good luck  from their ancestors whose tombs were 
    situated around some fine pine-trees in the shrine of their family 
    When I was undergo surgical treatment at Blue-dragon's field hospital 
    at Chulai Vietnam 1967. We, 3 officers  met there to solace and 
    sympathize one another.
     We were alumni of ROK MC Academy. (1st Lt. Lee graduated 1963, 
    Me;1964 2nd Lt Kim;1965 from the Academy.)
    Left : Se-chang, Kim(me),1st Lt, who was a FO in Tra-binh Base of 
    howitzer and was shot by a bullet on the upper head through helmet 
    by a vietcong sniper(to look at wearing his nice-cap in bandage). 
    Middle : Young-hwan Kim, who was a platoon leader and wounded and 
    injured by grenade small-splinters on the all left side of his body
    (watch his left hand).
    Right : In-keon, Lee who was a FO of an Infantry Company in front line 
    and was shot by a bullet on a part of his right ear-edge(helix). 
    However, I should chuckle "ha-ha-ha " you can't find the scar of the bullet 
    that is worn a small adhesive bandage in skin-color. 
    We have enjoyed our good life talking about the good old time nowaday.
    We all retired from our jobs of Professors of University, Bussines CEO. 

    첨부이미지 첨부이미지 첨부이미지

    청룡부대 의무중대를 수용중대라고 하였습니다.

    묘하게도 해간 32기 선배 이인건 중위(팔각모 쓴 분 )
    적의총알이 오른쪽 귀를 뚫고 지나감 (그 실탄 행불?)-
    부산 외대교수였는데 귀바퀴가 일부분 없어도 잘들리시는지?


     해간33기 김세창 중위(mycaptain)- 총탄 두부 손상-머리에 붕대 감고있음
    (철모속에 실탄껍질 한 개 와 납 알갱이 다수를 노획)

    34기 김영환 중위 좌전신 파편상왼쪽 손목붕대를 주시-
     (세열 수류탄 파편이 아직도 팔과다리에 있음-파편을 몸으로 노획)

    좌우간 상이군인 셋이서 의가 좋았다는 데  중위 하나 34기 김중위는  별볼일 없었지요.
    선배인 내게 반말에 발길질까지 했던
    싸가지가 바가지였습니다.
    중학교때  내 옆자리에 앉었던 친구라고 옆에 해병대원만 주변에 없으면 가끔 군기가 빠졌지요.
    동기생들에게 고자질하려 했더니 그때는 전황이 위급해서 병원에 아무도 문안도 안 왔거든요.
    이 사진은 과거 군기 빠진 34기 후배가 내게 준 선물입니다. 오래 전에 이야기지만
    대학로에서 오랜만에 만나 커(巨)하게  본인이 선배노릇좀 했습죠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    철맥회에 올렸던 글을 다시 펌했습니다

Vance Hall  2011/02/15 11:54:25 [Reply] modify delete
This is such a special memory, and a great photograph as well. Thanks for sharing these memories.

I will be online more often in a week or so. At the moment, my Internet access is limited to the iPhone.

Semper Fi
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