Writer : Vance Hall 밴스 홀 Date : 2010-12-15 Hit : 482
Happy Birthday Mr. Jea-mok Koh

Mr. Koh,


I wish you the happiest birthday, ever.  May you celebrate with your family and friends, enjoy good health and prosper.


If I could pour you a glass of good soju, I would do so.





Jae-sung Chung  2010/12/16 04:16:26 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Vance,

I also appreciate your kind congratulatory message given to Mr. Koh on his birthday.
Unfortunately, he is now in hospital (VA hospital in Seoul) as he received a ligament rejoining operation the day before yesterday.
He was recently suffering from severe pains caused by his right shoulder ligament torn a month ago. I talked with him yesterday and was told the surgery was going for 6 hours and successfully ended.
I am to visit him today. Hope he will find your message sooner or later.
Thanks again.
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/12/16 04:16:26 수정 삭제
I am sorry to hear that Mr. Koh has a painful injury that has required surgery. I hope he recovers fully, and more rapidly than expected.
Jae-mok Joh  2010/12/22 00:58:51 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Vance, I'm appreciating very much your cheering congratulation of my birthday. I could hardly come out of bed and could not stop dragging my self to desk top because Mr.Chung phoned me of your posting above!
Even this reply is a left-handed writing but I'm really happy to get from you.
My doctor asks me 8 weeks recover period, so I have to follow him.
This will be the great time of the longest rest in my life.
Thanks again, Vance!
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