Writer : Joe Nawrozki Date : 2010-11-25 Hit : 437
Prayers and thoughts

Dear Jae and brother Vietnam veterans,


Our nation is stunned at the cowardly attack by Pyongyang on South Korea's island of Yeongpyeong and the deaths of two brave ROK Marines and a mounting number of civilian casualties. With the sinking of your ship in March and tragic loss of nearly 50 sailors, Kim Jong Il continues his murderous, premeditated attacks,


There are many possiblities why the north continues this madness. The most frequently heard is that Kim Jong Il is "setting the table" for his son/heir apparent Kim Jung Eun. Meanwhile, President Obama has said that the U.S. "stands shoulder to shoulder" with South Korea and that he will not negotiate with Kim from a position of weakness.


Personally, I offer my prayers and white thoughts to all of you. I truly hope the situation will not escalate but, instead, that tensions will ease and a relative peace will return to the good, the free, people of South Korea. Jae, I am in Bethesda for Thanksgiving and if you need to reach me, 919-618-5005 (Maggie's).

Joe Nawrozki      

Jae-sung Chung  2010/11/26 00:34:47 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Joe, thanks for your words. We the ediots were hit again. Damn, I really don't know what the hell ROK government is doig. We should have smashed the SOBs and bushed off right a way. We would rather hope that the US will give the shit regime ever stronest blow on our behalf. There are too many dums who are putting their heads in the sand. Please keep me informed as frequent as you could.
Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday.
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