Writer : Joe Nawrozki Date : 2010-11-11 Hit : 145527
Hello, and apologies


Dear Jae and friends,


First, please accept my deep-felt apologies for being a stranger here on the website we all view as our second home at times.


Sometimes I feel like I carry a massive curse of the computer gods -- mine is down again, probably with virus/viruses, and I feel like I want to strap some C-4 on it and blow it to kingdom come. Anyway, my friend Maggie who has vast experience with computers is attempting to dig me out of this latest quagmire,


Not too much new going on here. I was invited to work as a mentor this year for troubled kids at a middle school near my home and am reminded of the important mission our teachers have, not to only educate our young but to sometimes be many other things to the children. They should be earning the top salaries in our society. I also continue to volunteer as a writing coach.


Taekwondo class continues to go well. I am preparing six of my senior ranks for promotion testing. Jae, you might remember the young lady whom you assisted with the certificate problems at Kukkiwon, Emily Ciavolino. She is going for her second dan and she, and I, will never forget your help in securing her legitimate certification. She will execute a creative poom se with fans as part of her examination, something I look forward to with great pride. Another senior belt is testing for 3d dan. My state tournament team continues to prepare for the state championships in the spring.


As you know, Jae, I am blessed with Maggie in my life. She is a good soul, very bright and spiritual, a lift to my life, me to her's. 


On a final note, we here in the U.S, tomorrow observe Veteran's Day, a time to reflect on all those who served their country with pride, talent and at times, gave the ultimate sacrifice -- their lives. So on this day, I remember all of you, my brothers from the ROK forces in Vietnam. I remember great soldiers and marines I've met here, like Vance, and others. I remember you all not only on this holiday, but throughout the years, when I hear a sound like the blades of a Huey passing overhead, a song, or remember the taste of kimchee from a C-ration can on the side of a trail. And most of all, I remember, and cherish, my brotherhood with you all, brave men then and dear friends forever.


My best,


Jae-sung Chung  2010/11/11 19:55:24 [Reply] modify delete
Hi, Joe, thanks for feeding me with new stories. Well, I have just replied to Maggie's words.
Hey, Joe, most of all,I am really impressed by your following words.
"As you know, Jae, I am blessed with Maggie in my life. She is a good soul, very bright and spiritual, a lift to my life, me to her's."

I do hope you guys will keep the same for good.
Send me a photo of you with Maggie (good resolution) so that I may show it off to our guys.

All the best


Jae-mok Koh  2010/11/12 08:16:59 [Reply] modify delete
I was pleased very much of your words posting above.
And the story impressed me so much on your spiritual shares of life with Maggie.
I want you to do the same for the rest of your life.
God bless you!

Best regards.
Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/11/17 00:28:01 [Reply] modify delete
Hi Joe,

It's good to hear that you're still having fun, and that you have a good woman to keep you out of trouble! I hope that your Thanksgiving and your Christmas are filled with friends and good times.

Semper Fi

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