Writer : Joe Nawrozki Date : 2010-11-08 Hit : 315
Message from Joe Nawrozki

Dear Jae,


This is Maggie, Joe's friend who recently went with him to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and is in the picture he sent to you.  Joe wanted me to post this message to let you know he is having computer troubles again. He is working on getting them fixed and he will post a message as soon as he is able to do so.  He sends regards to you and to all of his comrades. 


평화 Peace,


Jae-sung Chung  2010/11/11 19:36:37 [Reply] modify delete
Hello, Maggie,

First off please forgive me to call your first name. As Joe has told me about you many times, I feel as if we knew each other long time ago. Thanks so much Maggie for your kind words. Did Joe's computer start taming him again? Maggie, please tell him throw away that trouble maker out of the window, but while no one is passing by. hhhhh.
Thanks again for your posting.
Jae-mok Koh  2010/11/12 08:37:31 [Reply] modify delete
I was very sorry to hear that Joe had been struggling with his computer.
And thanked you very much for your timely posting to let us know his present situation.
We were wondering him recently of his long on-line absence.
But this morning Joe posted all the story by his own compuer.
Thanks again.
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