Writer : Jae-sung Chung Date : 2010-10-23 Hit : 345
Hello, you, time,

Neither have I said good bye to you nor you have said so.

Nonetheless, I have long enjoyed getting along with you and sharing happiness and sorrow together.


And I thought that I was unhappy while associating with you.

I have never met you before nor invited you to come.

Hey ,you ,time, I realize that you are so dearly precious that I now notice the importance of you.


The more I feel heavier due to your importance, the more I become sad.

I really thought that I could have got along with you longer.

Now I have noted that I can no longer associate with you. Therefore, it makes me terribly sad time to time.


I believed that you would stay with me for pretty long period.

You who is about to bid farewell make me hate you very much.

I have no idea how long you are going to stay with me. I know you will eventually leave me.

I am forced to awfully hate you, time who will soon leave me alone.

Vance Hall 밴스 홀  2010/10/24 02:33:45 [Reply] modify delete
Written with the perspective that only time can provide.

Great poetry!
Jae-mok Koh  2010/11/12 08:52:58 [Reply] modify delete
Time is just a concept which only human-kind created and defined for our convenience.
Are we feeling happier than the old days we did not have it?
I don't know but the only thing I know is that we need not to be tied up by it like these days.
Some times, we'd rather empty ourselves, then amuse yourself on free of time.
It may enrich your life.
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