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Dear Brothers

Hello again, my brothers.


I'm Mick Capman, a retired cop from Kalamazoo, Michigan currently living in Muskegon, Michigan.

I served in Vietnam from early '67 to late '68.  Our "rear" area was in PhuCat RVN.

I was a combat medic assigned to the 903rd AeroMedEvac USAF Flt, and spent most of my time at the DMZ, I Corp, supporting the 3rd Marine Div at DongHa, or the 173rd Airborne Div(Army), in the central highlands at DakTo.

My FRIENDSHIP with the ROK Marines assigned to PhuCat started mid-year of 1967.

I got to know many of you and unfortunately, lost touch with you personally after we both had left the war zone.  I honor and appreciate the service you have given to your countrymen today, and yesterday.  I am VERY PROUD and HUMBLED to have known you during the times I came back to PhuCat.

I remember passing seeing you guys, and thinking there was something I could do to help your situation.  I told my parents about it, and they donated to you GREEN sweatshirts from Western Michigan University.  Do any of you remember that?    I was also able to bring out a truck load of plywood sheets to help you construct your Captain's hooch, and help with the repairs of your hooches. 

I very much respected you guys and hope some of these pictures will bring back good memories ... tough as they were.  I haven't forgotten the young faces, their smiles and I very much hope and pray, all of you are well today.


Do you recognize any of these faces???


Thank you, Merry Christmas, and hope our paths cross again soon.


Mick Capman

Muskegon, Michigan USA

cell/text: 231.557.6925

Google: Mick Capman

Facebook: Mick Capman

Website: www.forensicmapping.com

Email:  mapscenes@aol.com

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